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RE:ERP Standards

From: Ke Deng
Subject: RE:ERP Standards
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 22:08:20 +0800

hi, Derek,Neil and Todd:
    I agree with Todd in many aspects of what he said.I think if there's no
suitable standards for GNUe,we could create our own standards referencing
some existing ones.
    I like GNUe project very much and respect developers of Open Source
Software greatly for their excellent work and spirit of freedom.
    The charm of Open Source Software is its openness which allow many
people to take part into it actively.I think if GNUe could have some
standards(created or complied),it will be more interoperability and
    At last ,whatever choice do you make,I will support you firmly.

BTW:please don't CC me on the reply ,otherwise I 'll receive two same copy
at the same time because I 've been a member of this mailing list already.

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