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Re: XRBL & Other Goodies

From: Kenneth D. Reiszner
Subject: Re: XRBL & Other Goodies
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 01:25:27 -0600

> .......
> >So, in general, I wonder why Todd wants to describe things the way he does.
> >Let me guess.  Is it because he’s as biased as everyone else?
> >
> Assumably.  I think this is my greatest problem with 'standard bodies'
> of late.  If it requires a lofty membership fee to participate and is
> created by 'vendors' I think it is bound to be biased.  When I look at
> things that appear to have most impact currently like TCP/IP and HTML
> (w3c) for a large part they were not originally this way. (though I
> could be delusional)  I think the trouble is that you want the 'experts'
> in a field so you invite top vendors (though the 'little' voices that
> are experts are 'excluded') I think membership fees are two fold, first
> they help put some money into the overhead of a standards body, but I
> suspect they are more to make sure that those people having 'say' in the
> standard are serious and willing to put down some cash to prove it.
> (keep out the riff raff) HOWEVER, again this hurts the little guy

These fees can be as high as $65,000/yr.

None of these fee schedules goes below $5000/yr. even with reduced member
participation. The high figures are for big buck firms that probably can spare 
change. The more you pay the more "rights" you get.

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