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Re: czech adaptation and few questions

From: Amelie Zapf
Subject: Re: czech adaptation and few questions
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2001 00:03:33 +0200

Hello Tomas & list,

> Chord name related problems:
> I've found some insufficiencies for my work (mostly folk and rock songs)
> in czech language:
> a) Good habit in czech music literature is to write Bass and Inversion
> below the current chord name e.g not C/G, but
> C
> -
> G

In the American chord notation this stands for a C chord on top of a full-blown
G chord. The one-above-the-other notation represents bitonality. However, when
working with Czech musicians, I have seen this notation in their scores.

> b) another problem is czech cord-naming of dim and 0 chords. In czech
> seems to be two variants one is same as banter and second uses "dim" for 0
> chords and dim is called m5-.

This should be quite easy. Stuff like that can be handled by the exception list.

> I've written another hack in chord-name.scm by rewriting banter section.
> c) I think this IS important: I have found this bug:
> file line 17
> keyword cons should be substitued by text-append
> because this version doesn't create adequate signs for sharp and flat
> notes, but string "accidental-1" and so-on.
> results:
> i) I would ask if it's not time to split american, jazz and banter to
> specific files, and to add some mechanism which can choose not only these
> files, but some user-supplied.

I'm working on a complete jazz chord algorithm at the moment. I proposed one a
while ago, but it was very clumsy. In its present state, the jazz chord section
is pretty much unusable. But I got pretty far with better code today.

I think, user-supplied chord symbols should go in one of the alists to override
system settings.

Amelie Zapf
Berlin, Germany

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