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Re: czech adaptation and few questions

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: czech adaptation and few questions
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 21:52:52 +0200

> Chord name related problems:

I've never looked into the chords, but hope someone else on the
list can follow up on that part of your mail.

> ii) I hadn't really tested how works language selection in ly2dvi, because
> i use only lilypond-book (lb), but if it really works, then there is no
> problem to implement it in lb. I was so irritated by writing many many
> warnings (ascii character xy was not found) and good output. (I did
> another one-use possibly dangerous hack by killing this warning in
> sourcecoude). These warnings were generated for any ISO-8859-2 letter
> (from top half of ASCII table).

The warnings tell you that Lilypond doesn't know how to calculate
the width of the syllables that contain characters with code > 128.
This means that some syllables may be typeset too close so the
If you teach Lilypond what fonts to use, you'll get rid of both the
warnings and the spacing problems. For the moment, this amounts to
some hacking in scm/fonts.scm. Search the mailing list for
gnu-music-discuss for "ecrm" to see how this can be done.

Since I'm planning to introduce support for different font encoding
in Lilypond, could you please tell me what font encoding and input 
encoding you use in plain LaTeX and what the corresponding font
files are called?

> Non-related questions:
> a) \alternative {
>      { ... c^\segno^#'(bold "text" ...
> these constructions make some interfering text and repeat lines.
> One simillar problem is printing Chordnames above alternatives.
> ChordNames are too high because of alternative (but still sits on
> alternative line, which is not so pretty). If it could be done, i would
> appreciate some (switchable) option to print chordnames below alternative
> and above staff. (But i think it could be hard work).

The chord names are printed as a separate "staff" which is typeset
above or below the ordinary staff, depending on the order you declare
the contexts. If you want to switch, you'd need two separate chord
names staffs which you could switch between.

> b) I don't know how to remove bar numbers when i am in harakiri mode. (for
> normal staffs it is ok by translator (\ScoreContext \remove
> "Bar_number_engraver"), but here it is not working.

??? The follwing works fine here:
  \translator{\ScoreContext \remove "Bar_number_engraver"}


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