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czech adaptation and few questions

From: Kopecek Tomas
Subject: czech adaptation and few questions
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 13:03:39 +0200 (MET DST)

Chord name related problems:

I've found some insufficiencies for my work (mostly folk and rock songs)
in czech language:

a) Good habit in czech music literature is to write Bass and Inversion
below the current chord name e.g not C/G, but


I want to ask, if is it only czech habit, or any other country usues this

I did one (not so pretty) hack in chord-name.scm and from that flows next

I did it in inner-name-banter by setting lines mode and i have encounter
that i don't know how to center second and third line (property align
seems not to work). I'm not user of lisp-family languages and i haven't
explored source enough to find the reason or solution.

b) another problem is czech cord-naming of dim and 0 chords. In czech
seems to be two variants one is same as banter and second uses "dim" for 0
chords and dim is called m5-.

I've written another hack in chord-name.scm by rewriting banter section.

c) I think this IS important: I have found this bug:
file line 17
keyword cons should be substitued by text-append
because this version doesn't create adequate signs for sharp and flat
notes, but string "accidental-1" and so-on.

i) I would ask if it's not time to split american, jazz and banter to
specific files, and to add some mechanism which can choose not only these
files, but some user-supplied.
Rewriting existing modes (as in a and b) by my ugly hacks seems not
too systematic.

ii) I hadn't really tested how works language selection in ly2dvi, because
i use only lilypond-book (lb), but if it really works, then there is no
problem to implement it in lb. I was so irritated by writing many many
warnings (ascii character xy was not found) and good output. (I did
another one-use possibly dangerous hack by killing this warning in
sourcecoude). These warnings were generated for any ISO-8859-2 letter
(from top half of ASCII table).

Non-related questions:

a) \alternative {
     { ... c^\segno^#'(bold "text" ...
these constructions make some interfering text and repeat lines.
One simillar problem is printing Chordnames above alternatives.
ChordNames are too high because of alternative (but still sits on
alternative line, which is not so pretty). If it could be done, i would
appreciate some (switchable) option to print chordnames below alternative
and above staff. (But i think it could be hard work).

b) I don't know how to remove bar numbers when i am in harakiri mode. (for
normal staffs it is ok by translator (\ScoreContext \remove
"Bar_number_engraver"), but here it is not working.

Ugh, longer text than i wanted to write :-)

I believe, it will be at least some inspiration for work. I'm so sorry,
but I can't take a part in this hack-ride, because i'm leaving computer
for a long time (2 or 3 months).

I could send my ugly-hack-patches, but i think, there is not reason to do
that (all are so simple).

And last few sentences:
I'm not in this list, because of my server insufficience and "high"
traffic in list. So, if you want to reply to this mail, please send a copy
to my address.

Thanks to LilyPond developers and Have a nice day

Tomas Kopecek <address@hidden>

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