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Re: czech adaptation and few questions

From: Kopecek Tomas
Subject: Re: czech adaptation and few questions
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 18:06:31 +0200 (MET DST)

> Since I'm planning to introduce support for different font encoding
> in Lilypond, could you please tell me what font encoding and input
> encoding you use in plain LaTeX and what the corresponding font
> files are called?
I am using these:
and passing language in documentclass parameter as 'czech'

Fonts are standard ones. For adequate letters are used sequences as \v e
and so on. This done somewhere in czech support package (I believe).

> > a) \alternative {
> >      { ... c^\segno^#'(bold "text" ...
> > these constructions make some interfering text and repeat lines.
> > One simillar problem is printing Chordnames above alternatives.
> > ChordNames are too high because of alternative (but still sits on
> > alternative line, which is not so pretty). If it could be done, i would
> > appreciate some (switchable) option to print chordnames below alternative
> > and above staff. (But i think it could be hard work).
> The chord names are printed as a separate "staff" which is typeset
> above or below the ordinary staff, depending on the order you declare
> the contexts. If you want to switch, you'd need two separate chord
> names staffs which you could switch between.

Yes, I understand this strategy, but maybe description was not so clear.
I want something like this:
      |1.    |2.
A A A | A A A| A A A
And I don't know how to do this by switching contexts. I think, the Staff
is one context which encapsulate repeat lines. And if it should work, it
need some hacking, Am I right?

And second thing was how to make some little more space between Staff and

> > b) I don't know how to remove bar numbers when i am in harakiri mode. (for
> > normal staffs it is ok by translator (\ScoreContext \remove
> > "Bar_number_engraver"), but here it is not working.
> ??? The following works fine here:
> \paper{
>   \translator{\ScoreContext \remove "Bar_number_engraver"}
>   \translator{\HaraKiriStaffContext}
>   }
> }

Not really on my machine.

Bye Tomas Kopecek <address@hidden>

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