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[GNU-linux-libre] "Free GNU/Linux distributions" list updates

From: bill-auger
Subject: [GNU-linux-libre] "Free GNU/Linux distributions" list updates
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2017 11:03:43 -0400
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a few months ago, i discussed some updates that should be made to the
"Free GNU/Linux distributions" page on with donaldr on the IRC

he asked me to remind him via email and i since took the time to
thoroughly review the status of all of the listed distros and discovered
this mailing list in the process - so i will post my report here instead

=== Ututo ===

the listing for ututo should be changed because the latest version of
ututo is based on ubuntu rather than gentoo as with previous versions -
i wrote about this to them asking how they would like the wording to
read and Diego Saravia answered that they are planning a new version but
are not convinced to stay based on ubuntu and that it would be best if
the listing read like this:

  Ututo-S is a GNU/Linux 100% free distribution.  It was the first fully
free GNU/Linux system recognized by the GNU Project.

=== Blag ===

the only one with a critical issue that could not be resolved was blag -
the download links on their website are broken so there is actually no
OS available - i wrote to their mailing list but there has been no
response after nearly a month

this issue could perhaps be resolved though because the broken links are


perhaps the FSF still has a copy of the ISOs somewhere that could be
restored - in any case it should probably be considered to remove blag
from the list on the count of the project being apparently abandoned

=== ProteanOS ===

if lack of on-going maintenance is indeed a concern then ProteanOS may
also deserve some scrutiny - the folks in the #proteanos-dev IRC channel
told me that the developer has not been heard from in quite some time
and they have reached the consensus that the distro is essentially
abandoned - however just last week there was some activity on the VCS
repo what appears to be the first activity in about 18 months so it is
still unclear what is the situation - i had forgotten about this one but
there is a mailing list so i sent a message this week - perhaps the
developer will respond there

=== Others ===

i have updated the libreplanet wiki "Incoming_distros" page, pruning off
the defunct distros and adding a few new ones in wait - the lead
developers of "Gnuinos" and "Heads" have stated to me personally that
they intend to follow the FSDG and want to be considered for FSF
recognition once they release a stable version - connochaetos has had a
stable version for years and has been on this waiting list since 2010
but i have not communicated with anyone from that group personally so it
is not clear to me if they even know they are on that list - because
that list has had such little attention over the years, it is not clear
if the FSF is even aware of that list

=== Website issues ===

the dynebolic website was unreachable for some time but joromil has
since fixed it

there have been issues with libreJS found on the websites of several
listed distros and investigated mainly by adfeno - these and the other
issues discussed here have also been logged on the libreplanet wiki
"Distro_Review" page

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