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Re: 3310 dialvoice

From: Marcin Wiacek
Subject: Re: 3310 dialvoice
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 10:13:56 +0200

> It seems a pity he couldn't just learn to make proper patches, and 
> submit his ideas to you ...
Dear Timothy, you seemed not to read my last post. Paweł and gnokii team
doesn't provide enough source quality for me. I need more that they can
provide. Also used organisation makes, that many, many times you will
read about returning (the same) problems with gnokii. It's not for me.

I don't also know, what phone do you use, but just try to use any
DCT3/DCT4 phone with mygnokii2 and compare documentation, possible
things to do with phone, etc.

If gnokii developers are happy from gnokii, it's nice. But they're
limited in their happyness and don't see anything else/more. And finally
will make/use the same/very similiar solutions than I (but after much
longer time because of their behaviour and playing with source and some
other things impossible in good project) or I use them/similiar
solutions to they. Everything after many source rewrites, many mail
threads about errors, etc.

I wanted and tried to submit many ideas many times, showed/gave patches
many times. Everything according to my free time and my human
possibilities. It was dropped, because gnokii developers weren't able to
understand it because of lack of time or next source rewrite or
something else. Now it isn't interesting for me. Please also note, that
"proper patches" can means everything. It's relative. I will show
analogy. For some people "proper behaviour" means taking drugs, for some
other it means work, familty, etc. 

I wanted even to speak with Paweł face to face somewhere in Warsaw (I
know, it looks stupid, but it WAS some exit from it...) and very polite
and slowly make something to avoid such situation...but he wasn't
interesting. I see now, he tries to force his solutions and when
sometimes is not required for him, he drops it or tries to find many
reasons to not apply it. Because he was here earlier than I, he is
always true. This is how it look for me.

In the same time please don't think, that I want to deny everything. No.
I see big effort and good thinking in some things. I see help from some
people. It's very good. My creation could be connected with it, but with
a little different behaviour from gnokii developers (expecially Pkot).
It could be possible after changing their behaviour (expecially stop
thinging from their side, how excellent they're) to put gnokii or
however your will name it into sky.

You can agree or not. You can say, I'm ill or I'm spammer. But I think,
it normal, that when somebody says something difficult, can be not
understood. And all opinions should be given after looking into both
projects (for example, please notice, that during three years gnokii
team still didn't make even really full 7110 support, I made during 3
and half month new project with full DCT3/AT and partially DCT4). That's

Pozdrowienia/Best Regards
Marcin Wiacek (mailto:address@hidden,,

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