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Re: 3310 dialvoice

From: Marcin Wiacek
Subject: Re: 3310 dialvoice
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 22:10:43 +0200

> IMHO it is definitely advertising !
> I am a new user, i've tried many version of gnokii.
> I've never had any segfault with.
> btw, It seems you use an old-styled majordomo. People can subscribe to
> your maillist via the web page without any email check. I think it 
> would be a great idea to upgrade/configure it for security purposes.
> ;-) have a nice constructive thread. :-)

First of all I don't want to advertise, but...

I don't need to make fork from 0.4.1 because I have software written
from scratch and it's better in many, many important adaptation (when I
think about important adaptations, I think about getting/setting things,
making full backup/restore and using some other functions). When I used
original gnokii long time ago, I had to fix each new version because of
happy work from other developers (or simply their ignorance).

I agree gnokii 0.4.0 was big step. OK. But I know, that it's only
evolution from 0.3.3. 0.3.3 was evolution from software designed long
time ago for different phones. I know from my experiences that each
source rewriting makes errors. Because gnokii is not designed for
current phones, making it really good (Unicode, etc., etc.) will need
many rewritings. Additionaly I see, that each gnokii developers puts own
ideas without any general plan (I can be checked, that after my question
for future of gnokii I heard finally: we can't cooperate with you).
Additionaly many times extensions are compatible with Unix (Linux) only.
I say: thanks for it. I prefer my software designed few months ago
specially for modern Nokia models (DCT3 and now DCT4). Source is
shorter, easier, etc. 

So, because of it I said "thanks" and gnokii is not important for me.
>From time to time I look only into gnokii list archive to check what is
new. Now I saw post about 3310 and dialvoice and simply named situation.
Frame for dialing voice for DCT3 phones is known from two (?) years. I
name ignorance, that gnokii developers didn't use it (it's in gnokii
docs) and used old 61xx/51xx frame instead of it. I see such ignorance
in other parts of gnokii 0.4.1 too. And simply: or gnokii developers
don't know own source, or don't know docs (he, he, look, who is one of
authors) and simply are too weak for writing good soft, don't have time
or too many models to test (I wanted to change it many times) or have
gnokii users in one interesting place (I will not name it again).

Without advertising: everything in mygnokii2 list are only small
problems (I name small problem problem with one concrete function in
some special occasion) and it's extended from version to version without
big problems. For now has support from DCT3 and AT, DCT4 is in progress.
Source is checked both on win32 and linux. There are no problems with
such things like dialling voice, writing pbk (or better:
backup/restore), sms timeouts, etc. (here are examples from gnokii from
few last days). It's possible to make backup/restore between many
different models (for example). No dropping old(er) models.

There is shame for me only, that gnokii is very known and many people
here ask for things, which are resolved from long, long time.
Additionaly gnokii developers try to spy mygnokii2 (I write try, because
weren't able to move even my source written year or two ago, although It
was very usefull for many people) and I have to rewrite some frames
found for gnokii. Shame, because this time could be used to write smsd
and REAL gui and at modem driver (now both for win32 and unix) for
mygnokii2 or new better project (see end of this email).

About my email list: I will write to admin, when he will come back from
his vacations. For now it's as is. You will not find archive because in
majority it's only info about new versions. Sometimes bug report (not
too many bugs) or extension from users.

And finally my constructive (IMHO) opinion: although gnokii made many,
many good things, improving it is wasting time and will need many hours
from good programmers (on patching). IMHO, there should be started new
project (if don't want mygnokii2) managed by somebody, who HAVE plan and
idea, how to write it. There could be used some good things from gnokii
and mygnokii2 inside.

Gnokii always will be only Trabant after faceliftings (won't be Mercedes
without exchanging almost everything). Mygnokii2 now now seems to be
nearer to Mercedes

If want, support gnokii. If now, support mygnokii2. I will not fight
with situation. If I won't have time for gui, there will be only command
line mygnokii2. If more people will think like me, it's possible to make
more and I can manage even 3'rd project (after mygnokii and mygnokii2).
I don't have illusions and know, that there are not too many programmers
for such projects (many things will have to do personally) and it can be
hard. But even then it's possible to make excellent soft with good
managing and no wasting resources like in gnokii. That's all.

PS. Gnokii developers will probably answer again: go away. I made it and
I'm happy. I only answer from time to time, when see, that there is
something made (specially ?) very wrong.

Pozdrowienia/Best Regards
Marcin Wiacek (mailto:address@hidden,,

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