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RE: 6310i key simulation

From: Marcin Wiacek
Subject: RE: 6310i key simulation
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 10:13:55 +0200


> What I understand NCDS3 will not work with 6310i.
> Also the software that I got with the 6310i phone only works 
> with DLR3-P cable and AT-commands
> Note  (octet 10) F0 (which I again read as a "command error" 
> or "command not implemented", see above) The 6310i does NOT 
> give me anything after this when I press the keys on the phone
Uff, I played a little with this command on 6310i and found few
interesting facts. First: this command (always the same) has diddferent
behaviour. Sometimes phone starts to press key infinitely, some not,
sometimes correctly. I didn't find keycode too. So, I think, it's maybe
some firmware bug...

Anyway, I will add it to protocol docs made by me and to my source. If
you will decide to collect in the future some other commands, it will be
nice to use by you format used in mygnokii2/gnokii docs.

Pozdrowienia/Best Regards
Marcin Wiacek (mailto:address@hidden,,

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