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Re: 3310 dialvoice

From: Markus Plail
Subject: Re: 3310 dialvoice
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 10:30:54 +0200
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Hi Marcin!

* Marcin Wiacek writes:
>> > is it possible to make calls on nokia 3310?  i tried using xgnokii
>> > and command line gnokii --dialvoice, but absolutely nothing happens
>> > (expect for a few seconds delay using --dialvoice) sms and logos
>> > work fine
>> Try gnokii --dialvoice. Please compile gnokii with debug support, and 
>> send your settings and debug log to the mailing list.
> I will call it ignorance. My words won't be maybe polite, but it shows
> how gnokii developers have gnokii users in deep place (I will not name
> this place). 

Parse error....

> I say it, because this and other solutions were showed many
> times by "some" people and gnokii develorers ignored them. Here are
> results.

I do nor have enbough insight and I am not long enough here to to
verify this, but I know that at the moment that things wouldn't happen
and that bug reports are taken care of.

> Now without advertising. IMHO, gnokii developers still try to make
> Mercedes from Trabant by many faceliftings. This is how it looks IMHO.
> In my Mercedes --dialvoice works fine even for 3310. But gnokii users
> please remember: even when it will be moved to gnokii, there will be
> many other things todo with gnokii Trabant to make it better: changing
> engine, wheels, etc. Past and current  experiences show that after each
> replacement this car doesn't go (SegFaults in 0.4.1). The choice is
> your... I don't advertise here. But this is fact: mygnokii2 written from
> stractch doesn't have such problems.

You don't advertise? ... YOU DON'T ADVERTISE?!?!? ....
What the fuck do you call the above section if not advertising?!?
BTW. Your mygnokii2 is based upon the rewrite from scratch of gnokii
some time ago.
Then you talk about segfaults in 0.4.1. Interesting. There was just one
single message about smsd sagfaulting. It's not even in mygnokii2, is
it? So please stop just accusations.
And often enough you won't see the whole discussion on the list and
realize that eventually it was the user's fault and not gnokii's.

> For gnokii developers: I analized 0.4.1, not earlier versions.

Analyzed? What do you mean by anaylzed?


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