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[Fenfire-dev] fyi: 'Sentences' product w/ 'associative data model'

From: Alatalo Toni
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] fyi: 'Sentences' product w/ 'associative data model'
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 19:03:50 +0200 (EET)

that product description seems to argument quite nicely some essential
things, haven't checked yet what's the substance there actually (perhaps
something like the use of rdf in Fenfire, but proprietary?)


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Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 12:13:44 -0500
From: Reed Hedges <address@hidden>
Subject: [vos-d] "Sentences" product, and "Associative data model"
To: address@hidden
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Sentences lets you build sophisticated, web-enabled, multi-user
database applications in days, not months.

Sentences™ is a  development environment and database management system
based on the innovative Associative Model of Data. It dramatically
reduces development timescales, and enables real-time aggregation of
data held within legacy systems.
Alongside Sentences, LazyView™ lets users aggregate and view
information from disparate databases (Oracle,  SQL Server etc) in
real-time, without moving data and without costly data
warehousing and ETL tools.

There is also has a growing range of ready-made solutions   built using


Instead of using a separate, unique table for every different type of
data, Lazysoft's Associative Model of Data uses a single, generic
structure  to contain all types of data. Information about the logical
structure of the data and the rules that govern it are stored alongside
the data in the database.

This sets the scene for a new style of programming, whereby  the data
structures and the rules that govern them are no longer hard-coded into
the programs, but are obtained by the programs from the database
itself. Thus, for the first time, such programs are truly reusable, and
no longer need to be amended when the data structures change. This
dramatically reduces the cost of application development and maintenance


  Reed Hedges
  AIM: ReedHedges

  VOS/Interreality: http://interreality.org

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