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[Fenfire-dev] Re: Yet another toy editor for Xanalogical hypertext

From: Benja Fallenstein
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] Re: Yet another toy editor for Xanalogical hypertext
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 22:02:56 +0200
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Hi again--

just wanted to add that if you are interested in how this format works,
you can look at our article manuscript (submitted to Hypertext'04):


(There's one error -- the screenshot of PYXI is incorrectly attributed
to Ted; it was in fact taken by the author of the program, Ka Ping-Yee.)

- - Benja

Benja Fallenstein wrote:
| Hi all,
| I've taken Jason Rohrer's Docuplex code,
| ~    http://hypertext.sourceforge.net/docuplex/
| and made it work with TIML (Text Identity Markup Language), the format
| for Xanalogical hypertext we have developed in the Fenfire project, and
| added load/save capability. You can download it at
| ~    http://himalia.it.jyu.fi/~benja/docuplex-loadsave-2004-03-27.tar.gz
| The fun thing about Docuplex is that it shows you not only the text, but
| also the internal structure of the file (the global identities), and the
| "carpet" of all keystrokes you've entered in the current session.
| (There's no way to save the "carpet" though and maybe that view should
| be removed.)
| This is a Java program requiring Java 2 and you can run it on unices by
| running ./runDocuplex in the unzipped directory or by starting
| runDocuplex.bat on Windows (I presume). For usage instructions see the
| Docuplex homepage above; the only change is that there are "Open" and
| "Save" buttons now. (What is saved is the version you are looking at
| currently.) Don't try to open a file that has not been created by
| Docuplex (unless you have some other source of correct TIML files, which
| I doubt ;-)) because that'll just give you errors.
| This is still very much a toy, error handling is essentially nonexistent
| and the UI isn't too great and so on. But it *is* a way to create plain
| text (i.e., no formatting) files containing text with global identities,
| which you can share or put on the Web.
| (I hope that nobody minds the cross-posting -- I thought this might be
| interesting to people interested in Xanalogical hypermedia, and didn't
| know a better place to post it as sunless-sea is kind of nonworking.)
| Enjoy,
| - Benja
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