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[Fenfire-dev] Yet another toy editor for Xanalogical hypertext

From: Benja Fallenstein
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] Yet another toy editor for Xanalogical hypertext
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 21:42:43 +0200
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Hi all,

I've taken Jason Rohrer's Docuplex code,

~    http://hypertext.sourceforge.net/docuplex/

and made it work with TIML (Text Identity Markup Language), the format
for Xanalogical hypertext we have developed in the Fenfire project, and
added load/save capability. You can download it at

~    http://himalia.it.jyu.fi/~benja/docuplex-loadsave-2004-03-27.tar.gz

The fun thing about Docuplex is that it shows you not only the text, but
also the internal structure of the file (the global identities), and the
"carpet" of all keystrokes you've entered in the current session.
(There's no way to save the "carpet" though and maybe that view should
be removed.)

This is a Java program requiring Java 2 and you can run it on unices by
running ./runDocuplex in the unzipped directory or by starting
runDocuplex.bat on Windows (I presume). For usage instructions see the
Docuplex homepage above; the only change is that there are "Open" and
"Save" buttons now. (What is saved is the version you are looking at
currently.) Don't try to open a file that has not been created by
Docuplex (unless you have some other source of correct TIML files, which
I doubt ;-)) because that'll just give you errors.

This is still very much a toy, error handling is essentially nonexistent
and the UI isn't too great and so on. But it *is* a way to create plain
text (i.e., no formatting) files containing text with global identities,
which you can share or put on the Web.

(I hope that nobody minds the cross-posting -- I thought this might be
interesting to people interested in Xanalogical hypermedia, and didn't
know a better place to post it as sunless-sea is kind of nonworking.)

- - Benja
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