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Re: Website revamp?

From: TEC
Subject: Re: Website revamp?
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2020 20:02:49 +0800
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Maxim Nikulin <manikulin@gmail.com> writes:

> I have tried adaptive design tool in firefox. Currently I would rather complain
> concerning the size of the unicorn logo. It consumes whole screen when emulation
> of a phone and landscape orientation is selected. I expect more informative
> greeting.

Oh my. I just checked that out and it looks ridiculous. I seem to have
accidentally messed with the mobile styling at some point, should be easy to get
it to behave sensibly again though.

> In the meanwhile I spent some time trying to figure out what is considered as
> the best practice to distinguish mobile/large screen device. I did not expect
> that there is still nothing more than viewport width. Blog posts recommended on
> stackoverflow have mostly mobile-first design with oversized fonts on normal
> monitor so I could not take them seriously. Finally I realized that MDN
> (developer.mozilla.org) pages looks quite neat even though they have lager fonts
> for headers in desktop layout than in mobile mode. So font size is quite subtle
> entity in respect to perception.

Media queries + relative units I think can be good in this regard.

> There is something wrong with nav and banner padding and margins. Firefox in
> adaptive design mode shows a white stripe between them when navigation menu is
> collapsed.

Yep, I see this. Seems like another thing in need to re-addressing.

> I should say that I am impressed (unsure in a positive or a negative way
> however) by the hack with checkbox to show and hide the navigation menu.
> But certainly I appreciate that it works with disabled _javascript_. Before I was
> aware only of <description> and <summary> for a similar effect.


> I was unlucky enough to open the page in a browser window of such width that
> bottom banner line resembles a continuous string of text with uniformly altering
> bold/normal text “maintained by Bastien Guerry and developed by many others.
> Support via” and “LibrePay” is more bright again. It is just an opinion.

Hmm. That sounds non-ideal. I think we can play around with the styling for this
though, e.g. increase the line height, add a margin to offset, etc.

Once again, many thanks for your feedback!


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