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Re: Website revamp?

From: Maxim Nikulin
Subject: Re: Website revamp?
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2020 17:28:37 +0700
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24.08.2020 14:43, TEC wrote:

I have performed debuzzwordification on the header, and implemented the compacted design prototyped previously. I expect Maxim will likely still think the font-size is too big, but I somewhat like it as it currently is :P

I have tried adaptive design tool in firefox. Currently I would rather complain concerning the size of the unicorn logo. It consumes whole screen when emulation of a phone and landscape orientation is selected. I expect more informative greeting.

In the meanwhile I spent some time trying to figure out what is considered as the best practice to distinguish mobile/large screen device. I did not expect that there is still nothing more than viewport width. Blog posts recommended on stackoverflow have mostly mobile-first design with oversized fonts on normal monitor so I could not take them seriously. Finally I realized that MDN (developer.mozilla.org) pages looks quite neat even though they have lager fonts for headers in desktop layout than in mobile mode. So font size is quite subtle entity in respect to perception.

Maybe I just too mean to allow the banner to consume so much space due to huge fonts.

There is something wrong with nav and banner padding and margins. Firefox in adaptive design mode shows a white stripe between them when navigation menu is collapsed.

I should say that I am impressed (unsure in a positive or a negative way however) by the hack with checkbox to show and hide the navigation menu. But certainly I appreciate that it works with disabled javascript. Before I was aware only of <description> and <summary> for a similar effect.

06.08.2020 18:52, TEC wrote:
>> I am comparing with widely used yellow "donate" paypal button.
- There is colour to draw the eye - The position is around the main design elements, and thus the path of the eyes - Icons, for the
reason outlined above - A more contrasting background - Movement, as
the page scrolls, they move across the middle of the screen Hence,
while they may not be as /in your face/ as some donation promts, I'd
be surprised if someone who looked at the page for more than a few seconds didn't notice them.
I was unlucky enough to open the page in a browser window of such width that bottom banner line resembles a continuous string of text with uniformly altering bold/normal text "maintained by *Bastien Guerry* and developed by *many others.* Support via" and "LibrePay" is more bright again. It is just an opinion.

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