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Re: access to ELPA development packages?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: access to ELPA development packages?
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2021 11:14:05 -0400
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> Is that still supported? Can we put instructions for accessing it on
> the ELPA home webpage, or in elpa/admin/README? I'm not clear how to
> edit the ELPA home webpage.

Feel free to send me patches against the HTML of https://elpa.(non)gnu.org/.
I don't think it belongs in elpa/admin/README but it could be added to
elpa/README if you think it's beneficial.

I do think it would be good to improve it so it mentions the `devel`
version (and so the gnu/nongnu points to the nongnu/gno one).

It'd also make sense for the pages like


to include a link to the corresponding `devel` page (and vice-versa).
Theses pages are generated by elpa/admin/elpa-admin.el.

[ I also suspect that these pages would benefit from a slight redesign
  so that the description+latest+maintainer+homepage+browselink+badge
  takes up less vertical space.  IIUC this can be done by changing the
  CSS, so send me diffs against the CSS file for that.  ]


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