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Re: [Dvipng] pict2e problems

From: Jan-Åke Larsson
Subject: Re: [Dvipng] pict2e problems
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 14:55:48 +0200
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Tim Arnold wrote:
This is dvipng 1.9 Copyright 2002-2006 Jan-Ake Larsson
dvipng warning: cannot find ps2pk.map, nor psfonts.map
kpathsea: Running mktexpk --mfmode cx --bdpi 300 --mag 1+100/300 --dpi 400 cmr10 mktexpk: /shadow/system/tex/texmf-var/fonts/pk/cx/public/cm/cmr10.400pk already exists.

which is weird, since I get this response from the unix command line:
kpsewhich ps2pk.map

 2.4 Installation outside the texmf tree

In some cases, a dvipng binary installed outside the texmf tree will not be able to find virtual fonts, or the PostScript font maps (normally used by dvips). This may be because _only_ $SELFAUTOLOC, $SELFAUTODIR, and $SELFAUTOPARENT are used in the texmf tree configuration file `texmf.cnf'. If so, give the switch `--enable-selfauto-set' to `./configure'. This will make dvipng adjust these three internally so that kpathsea thinks that dvipng _is_ installed in the texmf tree.

If this doesn't help, ask again.

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