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Re: Vote for a new name

From: thisguyisi
Subject: Re: Vote for a new name
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 01:07:22 -0700
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Frédéric PRACA wrote:
Quoting "Pascal J.Bourguignon" <address@hidden>:

Frédéric PRACA writes:
I hesitated a lot for the name of GSLDAPBrowser and as Alex Perez told me
it seems that he said that to others) that GS.... name is too common and
indicates that the project only compiles on GNUstep (which is true for the
moment and maybe for a long time). So, I'd like you to tell me the name
Personnally, LDAPBrowser.app wasn't so bad but I wait for your
DirectoryBrowser.app ?

I'm thinking  that LDAP  is only one  protocol to  access directories.
There are  other: ph, x500,  etc, and perhaps  one day you'll  want to
subclass and  allow your application to access  these directories too.
Think also  about reading directory  and directory entry  files (LDIF,
vCard,  AddressBook, PalmDesktop  TAB&RETURN  formated address  books,
But this way, it duplicates Addresses from Björn Giesler (I think of vCard and
AddressBook). Moreover, the structure of these directories are very different
and the GUI won't be accurate anymore. But it's an interesting point of view.

So you could easily expand your horizons beyond LDAP...


Discuss-gnustep mailing list


"GSLDAPBrowser" is way way beyond my eyeballs' ability to chop up and decode visually. It comes across as "GOSDUIFGUKLHG(TOO_MANY_LETTERS!!!)rowser.app" Sorry, had to exaggerate that one for everybody.

The good: It says what it is. It says what it does:

"GS"(GNUstep)"LDAP"(Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)"Browser"

Everybody seems to have communally decided against prefixing all GNUstep based applications as "GS"SomeName.app, a la GNOME. This leads to more variety, and seems like a good way to go. (GWorkspace, for example. *nudge* "superfluous "G" *nudge* :-)  )

So, bye-bye "GS". Hello "LDAPBrowser.app". Still too many acronymal to fit into my mouth. My jaw hurts just lookin' at that. :-)

Okay, it's a "browser" type program. Lets keep that in mind. It uses the LDAP protocol... Mail.app isn't called "MBOXMIMEBrowser". So what is an analogue for GSLDAPBrowser, when condensed/abstracted toward its function?

"Tourguide.app" won't work, because although the app "takes you on a tour" of "foreign directories" (i.e. on other machines) it just doesn't fit conceptually.

"Waypost.app" or "Signpost.app" are possibilities... Both evoke a "which way into strange and foreign _paths_ can we take?"

"Lightweight.app" refers to the protocol, however I think it oversimplifies the title to the point where it may be obscure.

Looking up LDAP and the X.500 protocol it is derived from (aka DAP(which a corresponding "Heavyweight.app client could be entitled. hehehe stop hitting me!)) conveyed to me that the protocols refer to a "directory web" in the way that the world wide web refer to a "document and content web"...

Therefore DAP and LDAP are ways to globally deal with document hierarchies. So "Hierarchy.app" makes sense. As does "HierarchyBrowser.app" or "HierarchyWaypost.app" even "HierarchyTourguide.app." Perhaps "HierarchyPortal.app."

There was also the idea listed to drop the protocol specific terminology from the application title to permit other protocols to be supported. In that aspect should the application then be morphed into a bundle for FileViewer? If that becomes the desired direction then perhaps GSLDAPBrowser could be converted into a protocol manager for FileViewer, or the necessary Preferences panes to accomplish that, with the directory browsing portion being repackaged as a plugin bundle for FileViewer. Maybe then FileViewer could become "Portal" or "FilePortal" to indicate its expanded capability.

Or not. I'm just tring to offer constructive food for thought. It really is kinda funny (the ha ha variety) that I was choking on the "GSLDAPBrowser.app" title a couple days ago, and now there is a proposal for potential renaming.
All in all after thinking/typing out my ideas on the title, I think I like "HierarchyPortal.app" or "HierarchyWaypost.app" the most.

Best Regards,

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