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Vote for a new name

From: Pascal J . Bourguignon
Subject: Vote for a new name
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 17:07:42 +0200

Frédéric PRACA writes:
> Hello,
> I hesitated a lot for the name of GSLDAPBrowser and as Alex Perez told me (and
> it seems that he said that to others) that GS.... name is too common and
> indicates that the project only compiles on GNUstep (which is true for the
> moment and maybe for a long time). So, I'd like you to tell me the name you'll
> prefer. 
> Personnally, LDAPBrowser.app wasn't so bad but I wait for your submissions.
> Fred

DirectoryBrowser.app ?

I'm thinking  that LDAP  is only one  protocol to  access directories.
There are  other: ph, x500,  etc, and perhaps  one day you'll  want to
subclass and  allow your application to access  these directories too.
Think also  about reading directory  and directory entry  files (LDIF,
vCard,  AddressBook, PalmDesktop  TAB&RETURN  formated address  books,

So you could easily expand your horizons beyond LDAP...

Do not adjust your mind, there is a fault in reality.

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