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Re: Vote for a new name

From: Pascal J . Bourguignon
Subject: Re: Vote for a new name
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 22:08:26 +0200

Alex Perez writes:
> > I have been thinking about this too, and must say I find it very hard to
> >  come up with a good name. The most logical one to me would be
> > DirectoryBrowser.app but I know that Directory might be confusing.
> But Directory != LDAP. DirectoryBrowser.app does NOT tell you what the
> program does, while LDAPBrowser, in fact, does, assuming you know what
> LDAP is, which is where it gets a bit hairy...
> > I had the same problem as Lee, with GSLDAPBrowser and LDAPBrowser. I
> > don't know a good English term for Directory that would not create the
> > confusion with directories on disk.
> >
> > So the end conclusion to me would be DirectoryBrowser.app since nothing
> > else could describe the app more clearly.

LDAP = Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

The program is not a protocol (it only uses a protocol):

       Lightweight Directory Access.

Well the  protocol is defined  in 24469 bytes,  or only 7953  bytes of
compressed text.  That's why it's called lightweight.  Now I doubt the
application is so small. I'd guess at at least 100 KB if not 1 MB. So:

       Directory Access.

What does all  application, or almost all application  do?  That's it,
they  all access  data  (and then  process  it).  So,  saying that  an
application is  used to  access data is  not very  discriminate, since
they all do:


Ah!   Here is  some bits  of  information.  The  application is  about

But  then, I'm  called Pascal,  so you  may as  well call  the program
Robert, I would not mind :-)

Do not adjust your mind, there is a fault in reality.
Lying for having sex or lying for making war?  Trust US presidents :-(

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