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Re: Tremolo

From: Peter French
Subject: Re: Tremolo
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2020 10:16:17 -0500
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Working from the comments below I still cannot find the 'two note
tremolo' in the command window.

I might be having a dense day or you might be looking at a different
version of the software.

I can only find 'tremolo', tremolo up', 'tremolo down'.

I might add that so far I have not even looked at the Lillypond code for
any of this.

I am strictly using the GUI for what I have achieved so far.

My use of Denemo is currently not sufficient to warrant the time on a
learning curve for a new language, especially when there is a perfectly
good GUI to use.

I am not averse to learning Lillypond, it is just something I have not
had the time or commitment to do so far.

I tried the command center and added the tremolo command button to the
general menu.

Selecting the two notes I want to use, leaving the cursor between them
and then using the tremolo button.

I get the same two notes on the typeset score with two or three tails
through the second one. (see Current result attachment)

I have added two examples of what I want to achieve. (see Ex_1, Ex_2

Sorry for the confusion on the question of voices. Overloading of the
term voice I think.

I have attached a picture of the idea I am looking to create.  (
Singer_2 attachment)

This is a snippet from a religious song called 'My Father watches over me'.

It does demonstrate what I want to achieve, principle singer holding a
note while a second singer sings the echoing text.

This second singer only has a few words occasionally when the first one
is holding a note.

Thanks for your assistance to date



On 1/23/2020 7:14 AM, Richard Shann wrote:
On Thu, 2020-01-23 at 09:55 +0000, Joe Wilkinson wrote:
Hi Richard,
I looked at Tremolo as I have used it with Mandolin music. I thought
it might be possible to
  drag the tremolo symbol to where Peter wanted it.
I think the command

Command: Two Note (or Chord) Tremolo
Takes the selected two notes or chords and repeats them to make up the duration 
of a longer note. This will then be typeset using the tremolo notation (beaming 
placed between notes), while the Denemo Display will show and sound the 
Location: Object Menu ▶ Notes/Rests
Internal Name: TwoNoteTremolo

already does place the tremolo mark where Peter described. I've just
had a try and it does seem to work:

Insert two semiquavers (1/16th) notes.
Select them leaving the cursor inside the selection.
Invoke the command and give 8 as the number of times to sound the notes
The result is that Denemo fills bar in the display with a further 14
semiquavers so that the playback sound is right and the typeset shows
two semibreves (whole notes) with double beam between as Peter

  Have you changed the Drag item (in the Typeset Window) command to
make it more user friendly. I found it cumbersome (not using split
screen I had to close the edit window to avoid getting confused) and
couldn't get it to work!
The double beam created by the above command is not something that
could be dragged in the Print View - dragging is only possible for
objects that appear in the Denemo Display as Denemo Directives - either
standalone or attached to a note/chord.

2. edit the tremolo object
Are you thinking of a tremolo marking on a single note here? I see that
it does not behave properly when you try to move it :(, it has its own
edit procedure that doesn't include moving the position of the symbol -
you would have to delve into the LilyPond syntax to try and do that, my
guess is that it would be quite arcane.

  in the edit window. On one occasion I got into the Advanced setting
and tried to make it negative
??? I think you may mean that you added a hyphen to the LilyPond syntax
being attached, though I don't see any effect...

(and the marks appeared below the staff). The rest of the time
pressing the Advanced button replaced the line of buttons with a
single one about editing. It came back if I picked the green tremolo
word, but was not obvious.
??? not sure if you are in the Object Editor when you pressed Advanced,
or what the "line of buttons" is, or where a green tremolo word
appears...??? What was it that you were trying to do?


just thought you ought to know
On 23/01/2020 09:08, Richard Shann wrote:
On Wed, 2020-01-22 at 17:37 -0500, Peter French wrote:

I am using Denemo 2.2.0 on a Windows 7 pro box.

I need to note what I would call al Tremolo for Piano.

Usually I see this as two semi-breve notes on the staff with
between them. Not beaming and not joining to either note.

Quite often seen as written for a left hand octave spread and
quickly between the thumb and little finger.

I can find no reference to this type of notation within the
The manual doesn't have the detailed information about all the
that are present, unfortunately. It *does* however describe the
Center which is the place where you can answer this question. If
type Tremolo into the Command Center search box you will find
commands to do with the various sorts of tremolo notation. (Use the
button to search onward for further commands after you have the
your assistance will be appreciated as I cannot finish the score
working on without.

Is there a way to line up a verse with the correct notes after
playing a
piano introduction?
Yes. I think what you need to do is select the introduction (the
show with a yellow background) and then choose the command
Lyrics->Skip Lyrics in Selection
- this will insert the needed "skips".
For instance if I have a three bar introduction before the vocal
can I do this without forcing the alignment with the use of
The above command uses neater LilyPond syntax to do the skipping

\repeat unfold 4 \skip 1

is the LilyPond syntax it inserts into the lyrics to skip four

Also how do I write for a second voice in the same verse, for
instance echoing phrases from the first voice in parts of the
I'm not at all sure I understand this question - are you talking
lyrics here or notes (the second case might be keyboard polyphony -
using several voices on one staff)?

Last question for the moment, I have a trill which I want to
a second note, like a crotchet and quaver combination not tied.

Using the trill on the menu's that I have found it only covers
note, is there a way to extend it over the two notes?
yes, again the Command Center search puts you on the Start Trill
Stop Trill commands after the three other trill commands.

Command: Start Trill
Starts a spanning trill from the note at the cursor.
Location: Object Menu ▶ Directives ▶ Markings ▶ Spanning
Internal Name: StartTrillSpan

I did previously write to Richard Shann and though he answered me
advised using the forum
I think you may have misunderstood - I will have meant to point you
this mailing list, which thankfully you have found - if you
to the list (see Community page on you will be able to
emails without them being delayed for moderation and see any other
questions that people may ask.

Best wishes,

Richard Shann

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