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The Object Editor window (was Re: Tremolo)

From: Richard Shann
Subject: The Object Editor window (was Re: Tremolo)
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2020 15:09:15 +0000

On Thu, 2020-01-23 at 15:44 +0000, Joe Wilkinson wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> I'd not tried 2 note tremolo (never had to use it) But the "normal"
> version was curious - see below.
> On 23/01/2020 12:14, Richard Shann wrote:
> > On Thu, 2020-01-23 at 09:55 +0000, Joe Wilkinson wrote:
> > > 
> Yes. I was idly playing with Peter's question, which I assumed
> related to that below. Alt-t put a Tremolo over the note.
> Editing the object gave:
> > > in the edit window. On one occasion I got into the Advanced
> > > setting and tried to make it negative using the y:text position. 

In the Advanced window tx, ty refer to the positioning of any display
text that Denemo displays with this Directive, gx, gy refer to the
position of any graphic displayed with the directive. The only things
affecting the LilyPond syntax output are the LilyPond prefix and
postfix fields and the override flag (the override flag tells Denemo
what to do with the bits of syntax in the pre- and post- fix fields -
where to put them relative to the syntax for the note etc).

> > > Whichever value I tried just put the tremolo stripes just below
> > > the chord.
> > But most of the time pressing the Advanced button replaced the line
> > of buttons with a
> > single one about Add/REmove Attributes. the screen above came back
> > if I picked the green Tremolo
> > word, but it was not obvious to do so. 

In the Object Editor the Denemo Directives are grouped into a widget
called a GtkFrame - it is supposed to draw a box around all the stuff
for that directive and to have a little triangle marker that allows you
to expand or collapse the frame to save space on the screen. Some bug
in GTK for Windows is making this behave strangely, hopefully that will
go away when we can build Denemo for Windows with a newer version of

> I may be doing this all wrong (!) but the disappearance of the
> Execute Command Tremolo was puzzling.
The frame collapses down to just the title which should have a little
triangle before it, indicating that you can expand it by clicking


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