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From: Peter French
Subject: Tremolo
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2020 17:37:14 -0500
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I am using Denemo 2.2.0 on a Windows 7 pro box.

I need to note what I would call al Tremolo for Piano.

Usually I see this as two semi-breve notes on the staff with three lines between them. Not beaming and not joining to either note.

Quite often seen as written for a left hand octave spread and rolled quickly between the thumb and little finger.

I can find no reference to this type of notation within the manual whatever.

your assistance will be appreciated as I cannot finish the score I am working on without.

Is there a way to line up a verse with the correct notes after playing a piano introduction?

For instance if I have a three bar introduction before the vocal starts, can I do this without forcing the alignment with the use of spaces and hyphens? Also how do I write for a second voice in the same verse, for instance echoing phrases from the first voice in parts of the work?

Last question for the moment, I have a trill which I want to extend for a second note, like a crotchet and quaver combination not tied.

Using the trill on the menu's that I have found it only covers the first note, is there a way to extend it over the two notes?

I did previously write to Richard Shann and though he answered me he advised using the forum in the future so that others could see the questions. I tried to use it just now, only to find it has been abandoned.


Pete L. French

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