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RE: Query

From: Atwood, Robert C
Subject: RE: Query
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 13:21:19 -0000

At the risk of sounding pedantic, I'd say the suggestion you want is
there at the end of the output you have quoted :-P

Whenever I encounter an error of this type during configuring a package,
I follow the advice given in the message:

> See the file 'config.log' for further diagnostics. 

This message is there for a reason, not just to be ignored.

In the log file, you will see the precise code that the configure-script
has tried to compile , the command the configure-script has used to
attempt compilation, and the error message that the configure-script has
interpreted as failure. If you look at this it is likely that it will be
clear what is going on; if it's still not clear,  it at least gives you
more detailed information to provide if you need to ask for more help.
Since it's something about your specific setup that is confusing it, it
will be very difficult for outsiders to solve.

I'm speaking as a frequent installer of many other people's source
packages that use autoconf, not as a ddd developer, by the way. 

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> From: address@hidden 
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> Behalf Of Vikram NR
> Sent: 07 February 2007 08:40
> To: address@hidden
> Subject: Query
> Hi, 
>            We are  trying to configure DDD in our HP-UX 11i. 
>                       We aCC compiler 
>                                           aCC: HP ANSI C++ 
> B3910B A.03.70 
>                   We are getting the following error. 
>   checking dependency style of aCC... none 
> checking whether the C++ compiler (aCC) compiles a simple 
> program... no 
> configure: error: You must set the environment variable CXX 
> to a working 
>                   C++ compiler.  Also check the CXXFLAGS settings. 
>                   See the file 'config.log' for further diagnostics. 
>              Please give some suggestions to get rid of this error. 
> Thanks and Regards
> Vikram
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