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Re: Query

From: Andrew Gaylard
Subject: Re: Query
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2007 09:47:59 +0200

On 2/7/07, Vikram NR <address@hidden> wrote:


           We are  trying to configure DDD in our HP-UX 11i.

                      We aCC compiler
                                          aCC: HP ANSI C++ B3910B A.03.70

                  We are getting the following error.

  checking dependency style of aCC... none
checking whether the C++ compiler (aCC) compiles a simple program... no
configure: error: You must set the environment variable CXX to a working
                  C++ compiler.  Also check the CXXFLAGS settings.
                  See the file 'config.log' for further diagnostics.

Your aCC cannot produce an executable.

Are you sure it's installed properly?


PS: If you're struggling with a problem of this nature, it does raise the question of whether you're capable of using a debugger.  How do you even compile your own code?

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