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adding idb debugger support ?

From: Hansjuergen Schulz
Subject: adding idb debugger support ?
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 19:54:51 +0100

I tried to use ddd with the idb debugger from Intel and ran into a couple of issues. I tried  idb version 9.1-24 and ddd version 3.3.11.  The idb debugger is widely gdb compatible. But some commands generated by ddd seem to cause trouble. I keep seeing parse error messages in console and other views like the disassemble window.

I'm  considering  to develop a patch that  adds idb as a new supported debugger type into ddd.  For this I would like to know

 * if this is not already done by someone else
 * if adding support for a commercial debugger is accepted in the ddd project.

With best regards,

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