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Re: Source not loaded if special characters are present

From: Heiko Gerdau
Subject: Re: Source not loaded if special characters are present
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 2005 20:12:31 +0100
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Hi Andrew,

On Thursday 08 December 2005 14:15, Andrew Gaylard wrote:
> Heiko,
> This is a long-standing problem, which drives me nuts.
> I'd love to see a fix for it.  The only other work-around
> I've found is to link against lesstif, which handles the
> characters perfectly and doesn't require any messing
> with $LANG (which, as you say, will affect the underlying
> program a great deal).

Oh, if that would resolve it, I have no problems to link against lesstif. But 
before I potentially mess up my setup: Are there any disadvantages using 
lesstif? Anything else to be aware of? I'm asking because I'm wondering why 
the linux distributions do not ship with ddd linked to lesstif (As you 
proposed in the installation notes).

>I've not found any info on the web explaining how to do
>I18N properly with Motif.  I have the the two most important
>references, the Motif books from O'Reilly, and they don't
>mention it.

I'm sorry that I can't help here eather. I have never worked with Motif.

Best wishes

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