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Dumb question about fonts

From: ddd
Subject: Dumb question about fonts
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 16:05:14 -0000


One of the users on the machine I am trying to maintain keeps getting
tiny little fonts in his ddd display. We tried changing
edit|preferences|fonts entries but when ddd is restarted, the changes go
away. Unfortnately this is a 'works for me' situation, I don't have that
problem when I do it. I'm afraid it may be more of a X window resources
mixup but I am hoping someone here recognizes the problem and kindly
explains to me how to sort it out. The user does not seem to have the
problem when running other programs on the same server with the same

Where does the font that the user finally sees actually come from? 

I did find that changing the size of the default font would not persist
for me , but changing the family (helvetica, courier) does persist.

System is suse-linux-9.1 x86-64 

Ddd is 3.3.11 ( self-compiled ) but the same effect was first observed
on whatever came with the suse 

Workstation is windowsXP + cygwin/X



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