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Re: Dumb question about fonts

From: ddd
Subject: Re: Dumb question about fonts
Date: Tue, 06 Dec 2005 09:13:48 +0200
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address@hidden wrote:

>One of the users on the machine I am trying to maintain keeps getting
>tiny little fonts in his ddd display. We tried changing
>edit|preferences|fonts entries but when ddd is restarted, the changes go
>away. Unfortnately this is a 'works for me' situation, I don't have that
>problem when I do it. I'm afraid it may be more of a X window resources
>mixup but I am hoping someone here recognizes the problem and kindly
>explains to me how to sort it out. The user does not seem to have the
>problem when running other programs on the same server with the same
>Where does the font that the user finally sees actually come from? 
>I did find that changing the size of the default font would not persist
>for me , but changing the family (helvetica, courier) does persist.
>System is suse-linux-9.1 x86-64 
>Ddd is 3.3.11 ( self-compiled ) but the same effect was first observed
>on whatever came with the suse 
>Workstation is windowsXP + cygwin/X
The fact that the preferences are lost during a restart
indicates a bug in DDD.

Care to make a patch?

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