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Re: [cjk] The fixed-up script and the fixed Noto type 1 fonts.

From: Hin-Tak Leung
Subject: Re: [cjk] The fixed-up script and the fixed Noto type 1 fonts.
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2017 14:54:06 +0000 (UTC)

Hi Thorsten,

Glad to hear it is all working find now. The tarball I put out there is a 
complete set (if you remove all your old setup and start again) - but only the 
*.pfb are important for you; the tfm's should be functionally the same as your 
old ones, as is the c70nose.fd.

Yes, LaTeX's file look-up is a bit strange. It looks at the current directory 
first - i.e where your latex input file is. Then there are a few trees, one for 
personal temp files ( $TEXMFVAR ?) , personal permanent setups ($TEXMFHOME), 
setup specific to your machine ($TEXMFLOCAL), then things from $TEXMFDIST etc. 
theses are all described within a file "web2c/texmf.cnf" somewhere under your 
texlive tree.

But within each part, look-up is simply disk-order, as far as I know. So you 
cannot keep your old versions within the tree. In fact "nose" is not really a 
good choice as it is too simple, as one of the texlive people may use it in the 
future. For now it works. Hence my choice of "a0sh" "a1sh", etc. "ash" is not a 
good choice either, but works okay for now.

You probably has a copy of c70nose.fd where your document.tex is. In fact 
putting all the *.tfm files next to your document also works, but this is 
certainly messy and not recommended. I don't think dvips allows the *.pfb's 
next to the document.

Here are the two versions of subfonts.pe - as you can imagine, they are highly 
specific to the font file and also font versions. Using the X-Regular script on 
the X-Bold font should work, but if Google or Adobe releases new versions of 
those fonts, you will need to run my python script to make these two scripts 
new. These are correct for the 2017 April/May releases; if you decide to go for 
the Sans versions, you probably should make them new also.

My python script for writing a new subfonts.pe does not take long to run. It is 
just over a minute, (compared to about 27 minutes for fontforge later to write 
the subfonts afterwards). It will be a lot faster on your hardware and probably 
takes 20 seconds, since your hardware can do the later fontforge part in 1/4 of 
my time.


On Wed, 14/6/17, Thorsten <address@hidden> wrote:
 Hi Hin-Tak,
 first let me thank you for your great work!
 Yesterday evening before I
 drove home from work I read your email. A
 moment after readingĀ 
 "...to where it is looking for the tfm
 files and the pfb files and make
 sure you
 are not look at your old ones, seeing as you have
 It struck me like lightning! I made a stupid
 mistake! Really stupid!
 And nevertheless
 felt sure, that I had done everything right...!
 Normally, when I replace the
 old version of some data by a new version,
 first put the old version into a newly generated
 subdirectory called
 "old" in the
 same directory. So I did here with the *.pfb and *.tfm
 doing mktexlsr and updmap-sys those subdirectories with
 versions of course were visible to LaTeX
 and probably were in the list
 before the new
 version -- so the new version never was used!
 Unfortunately I only could
 proof that today. I just threw away the
 "old" subdirectories, ran mktexlsr
 and updmap-sys again -- and now
 works like a charm! Sorry for the additional work!
 Please wait with generating
 both versions of the "subfonts-
 corrected.pe"! When I have updated the
 second PC accordingly, I will go
 on by
 downloading the Adobe version, using the regular (and bold)
 of that and build everything from
 scratch with your script. But as my
 time in
 the moment is a bit limited, it will take me some days.
 please don't wonder, if I can't
 tell about success or not for a week or
 At last one funny
 remark: For the the quick, lazy and dirty method of
 just inserting your files I don't seem to
 need your file "c70nose.fd".
 even don't find an old version of that anywhere in my
 installation (I definitely have it
 in my Ubuntu version though, where I
 fontforge). So I didn't need to worry, whether LaTeX
 finds an
 outdated version of that...
 With many thanks

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