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[cjk] The fixed-up script and the fixed Noto type 1 fonts.

From: Hin-Tak Leung
Subject: [cjk] The fixed-up script and the fixed Noto type 1 fonts.
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2017 23:18:42 +0000 (UTC)


The fixed up Noto type 1 fonts are at (it is just under 40MB):

If you are lazy enough, probably just copy and overwriting your nose*.pfb would 
do. The tfm's
probably do not matter as it is all fixed sizes.
Less lazy, and/or if you want to start from scratch,

- set $TEXMFHOME to "texmf" directory, or move it to where it should be
  (on fedora it is just "${HOME}/texmf" - for testing, I just set the variable 
- append "dvips-psfonts.map.add" to your dvips/psfonts.map
  (or do the equivalent of running updmap...)
- move "c70nose.fd" to where your input.tex is.

These 3 steps should be sufficient.

The freetype-py script which write a new subfonts.pe, is uploaded here, in case 
you want to have
a go, or try different fonts:

You use it to write a new subfonts.pe - e.g. "python 
subfonts-script-generate.py nose.otf > subfonts.pe" .
For most other fonts, the outcome should be identical to what's in CJK except 
for some extra/fewer blank lines.
Werner, I'd be interested to see if the arphic fonts need fixing...

There are some basic error checking to make sure that it is copying from a 
filled glyph slot to an empty one.
("source empty" or "destination already filled" are both messaged out).

I don't know if this is worth putting into CJK - I don't mind, but it is a bit 
- fontforge itself should not require a 400-line workaround!
So I am going to write to Dave Crossland (Thorsten: the current owner of the 
fontforge "brand")
to see if he or Google would commission me to fix the encoding issues with 
fontforge itself properly...


P.S. NotoCJK Serif and Source CJK Serif are not quite the same. The former 
requires 360 fixed-ups,
the latter 400+ . The latter also have a higher code point count.

P.P.S. I used Noto-Medium (and Bold) as Thorsten's, though I would suggest 
Regular + Bold instead.
Regular is slightly thinner than Medium. 

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