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Re: Installing Chicken 5.2.0 on Windows - chicken-install -update-db han

From: ArooBaito Art
Subject: Re: Installing Chicken 5.2.0 on Windows - chicken-install -update-db hanging
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2021 12:02:56 -0700

Hey, Mark!

I successfully installed Chicken on Windows off chocolatey just last week. To get around all of the requirements for the Unix programs I installed win-bash and put them on my path so it could use cp etc. like normal. For SRFI-18 specifically you do have to modify it from using the variables "CSI_PATH" and "CSC_PATH" to just csc and csi since Windows doesn't properly convert them from strings to the actual programs on that SRFI specifically for whatever reason. I've had 0 problems with coops and other SRFIs and packages aside from 18.

- ArooBaito

On Sun, Aug 22, 2021, 9:31 AM Mark Fisher <> wrote:
Thanks Peter.

I messed up the threading on this conversation, and went into more details elsewhere about my adventures into getting this working, and I've tried more since.

I've had no luck with the latest version (5.3.0rc2); I discovered (via strace) that the created executable is internally loop crashing under gcc 10.3 mingw64/msys2

Nor were my various attempts to downgrade mingw64 to gcc 10.2 in (mingw64/msys2) successfully, it just failed to compile, but that's probably because downgrading msys2 is difficult as you have to manually try and apply downgraded packages.

I tried compiling via mingw64 for windows (chocolatey instead of msys2), which worked in compilation, but there's an issue with file paths mixing windows and unix slash types.

I then tried the chocolatey chicken package but the maintainer has compiled it with incorrect flags, so the copy phase of eggs is broken (uses "cp -r" instead of windows copy). I'm awaiting to see if that gets fixed (, but i'm not holding my breath as there's several comments over recent months with the same message (I at least feel I've tried to pinpoint the issue for the maintainer though).

I've tried at least 6 different methods to get chicken working on windows, and they are all sadly broken in some way.

It's an awful state. the docs ( still refer to 5.0.0, and it simply doesn't work as written (I'm doing this on clean installations of everything). I suspect gcc versions, but it doesn't feel like anyone owns this, so there's no regular build on windows with latest mingw64/msys2 to check.

And in no way am I trying to start any implementation wars, but after hours of this, in exasperation, I ran racket, and it just worked.


On Sun, 22 Aug 2021 at 17:00, Peter Bex <> wrote:
On Sat, Aug 21, 2021 at 12:14:51PM +0100, Mark Fisher wrote:
> The compilation works fine, but when I run the install phase, the
> "chicken-install -update-db" just hangs

Hello Mark,

I seem te remember something like this caused by Windows Defender (the
virus scanner thing in Windows).  If you turn it off, does that fix

Also, if you have the time, please try the new 5.3.0 release candidate,
to see if this works better.


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