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Re: RAM usage of applications?

From: Lassi Kortela
Subject: Re: RAM usage of applications?
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2019 17:55:16 +0200
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The Chicken DLL is about 3.4MB, of which a good deal will be relocation tables 
and such.  I'm a Cygwin user, so my C library is included in cygwin1.dll, which 
is about the same size [...]  The native Windows C library, also a DLL, is 
about 1MB, depending on the OS version [...]

So the RAM footprint at run time for the executable code (excluding the OS) 
will be on the order of 12KB + 3.4MB + 3.4MB + 1MB, so about 8MB.  I think that 
is a better measure when estimating the amount of RAM needed to run an 

The RAM taken by the DLLs ought to be shared with other running programs using the same DLLs. If we assume the user's program is the only Chicken program running at the time, but there are other Windows/Cygwin programs, the Chicken program would be 12KB + 3.4MB on top of those.

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