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[bug-mailutils] mh strange behaviour

From: Fichet
Subject: [bug-mailutils] mh strange behaviour
Date: Thu, 25 May 2017 14:30:43 +0200

Hello alls,

I am facing some strange behaviour in mu-mh, and I am wondering if
that comes from my (lack of) configuration, or if that is
some kind of bug.

1) 'inc' fetches the same mail again and again, duplicating it on my
local ./Mail/inbox/.  To overcome this I had to add the -truncate
option in my .mh_profile. That has been tested with both pops and
imaps protocols.

Should'nt 'inc' use UIDLs and only fetch the mails which are not yet
presents in the local mailbox?

2) The defaults options of 'inc' are discarded if one sets -file in
.mh_profile. Inc is launched with -notruncate  and -nochangecur, instead
of the default -truncate and -changecur, if .mh_profile contains:
     inc: -file imaps://user:address@hidden

Is that a normal behaviour ?

3) 'show' does not update the 'cur' sequence when used. If 'cur' is set
to 2, 'show 5' does not set it to 5, 'show next' does not set it to 3,
'show prev' does not set it to 1, etc. As a consequence, repl, and all
others utilities which rely 'cur' are not easy to use.

Apparently, updating 'cur' is the default behaviour of others mh
implementations. Should I add a line in .mh_profile to get this
behaviour with mu-mh ?


For information, here follow my configuration.

# Mailutils version: 3.2

# .mh_profile
Path: /home/me/Mail
Editor: /usr/bin/vim
Local-Mailbox: me <address@hidden>
inc: -changecur -truncate -file imaps://me%40domain.org:address@hidden
showproc: mhl
mhl: -form /home/me/Mail/mhl.format
Unseen-Sequence: unseen
mh-sequences: .mh_sequences
pick: -list -sequence pick

# .mtstailor
username: me 
localname: domain
localdomain: org
url: smtp://me%40domain.org:address@hidden:587;address@hidden

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