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Re: [bug-mailutils] mh strange behaviour

From: Pierre-Jean
Subject: Re: [bug-mailutils] mh strange behaviour
Date: Wed, 31 May 2017 20:10:03 +0200

Hello Sergey,

It is a pleasure to send bug reports to such an enthusiastic
developper. So, I tested the lasts commits, and encountered a bug
introduced in whatnow with the new commit 383272e0 (I'm so sorry...)
The details are below.

Sergey Poznyakoff writes:

1) Draft-Folder
> You've discovered a serious bug that was introduced recently.  I fixed
> that.

Well, that's not exactly true, but thank you.

2) Local-Mailbox
> You are right, Local-Mailbox was not implemented.  Please pull 82c5c521.

It works well now, and it's consistent with the signature entry.
For information, here's an extract of NMH's mh_profile man page:

  Local-Mailbox : Your Username <address@hidden>
    Tells the various MH tools what your local mailbox is. If
    set, will be used by (as?) the default component files by
    tools like comp and repl to construct your default From
    header. The text used here will be copied exactly to your
    From: header, so it should already be RFC 822 compliant. If
    this is set, the Signature profile entry is NOT used, so it
    should include a signature as well. (profile, default:

3) whatnow "edit [program [parameters]]"
> Fixed in commit 383272e0.  Please pull.

While calling an external program works well, a simple 'edit' now
fails, if the 'Editor' entry of mh_profile contains options (ie, vim
-c 'set ft=mail'). It was working well before, and it is still working
well if the 'Editor' entry has no options (ie, a simple 'vim').

4) show, mhl, mhn.
> I'll address this soon.

That's nice.

> > 5) In NMH, 'send' accepts the option '-mts smtp://example.com'.
> Yes, that's reasonable.  I'm going to implement that too.  However, it
> will not eliminate the need for mtstailor, because, apart from the
> url setting, the latter can also contain localname, localdomain and
> username settings.

Localname, localdomain, and username are also given by the 'from'
parameter of the smtp url that mailutils understands, aren't they?
I'm also wondering if Local-Mailbox should'nt have this purpose too.

Kind Regards,

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