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Re: [bug-mailutils] mh strange behaviour

From: Sergey Poznyakoff
Subject: Re: [bug-mailutils] mh strange behaviour
Date: Fri, 26 May 2017 00:36:50 -2100

Hi Pierre-Jean,

To begin with, thanks a lot for a detailed report.  I appreciate
immensely the extracts from your configuration files, that help so
much to clarify the picture.

> 1) 'inc' fetches the same mail again and again, duplicating it on my
> local ./Mail/inbox/.  To overcome this I had to add the -truncate
> option in my .mh_profile. That has been tested with both pops and
> imaps protocols.

Judging by your configuration this is tightly coupled with your second
question, so:

> 2) The defaults options of 'inc' are discarded if one sets -file in
> .mh_profile. Inc is launched with -notruncate  and -nochangecur, instead
> of the default -truncate and -changecur, if .mh_profile contains:
>      inc: -file imaps://user:address@hidden

Yes, indeed.  The default -truncate and -changecur options are in effect
only unless at least one -file option is supplied.  Once a -file option
is given, the safer -notruncate -nochangecur options are assumed.  If
my memory serves me, that was the way the classic RAND MH operated,
although it's been quite some time since I've used it, so I'd better

Now, returning to another, albeit not-quite-related question:

> Should'nt 'inc' use UIDLs and only fetch the mails which are not yet
> presents in the local mailbox?

It would be desirable indeed, and in fact, the work is underway on
implementing the corresponding checks (UIDL for POP3 and uidvalidity
for IMAP4), for both movemail and inc.

> 3) 'show' does not update the 'cur' sequence when used. If 'cur' is set
> to 2, 'show 5' does not set it to 5, 'show next' does not set it to 3,
> 'show prev' does not set it to 1, etc. As a consequence, repl, and all
> others utilities which rely 'cur' are not easy to use.

Thanks for pointing that out.  It's definitely a bug and I will fix it.


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