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Re: [bug-mailutils] mh strange behaviour

From: Pierre-Jean
Subject: Re: [bug-mailutils] mh strange behaviour
Date: Tue, 30 May 2017 11:46:09 +0200

Hello alls,

As I am reading the "MH & NMH..." book, I am discovering some more
strange behaviour in mu-mh, which I still don't know if they are bugs,
not implemented features, or if they are a consequence of my own
configuration. I also have a question (point 4), and an idea (point

1) The "Draft-Folder" profile entry is readen, but seems to
be ignored by "comp", "repl", and others, which does not put
new drafts in that folder, but use Mail/draft instead.

2) Unless the profile entry "Alternate-Mailboxes" is filled with the
default mailbox, "scan" does not recognizes mails sent by the user.
I believe that comes from the fact the entry "Local-Mailbox" is not
implemented by mu-mh, but I'm wondering if that's the expected
behaviour, and if so, if the expected fix is to fill

3) I proposed in a previous message that whatnow could offer the
possibility to call "mhn" to format mime messages in the form of the
command "edit mhn" (as in rand-mh) or "mime" (as in nmh). I am
discovering now that in rand-mh, "edit [program [parameters]]" calls
an external program, whichever it is -- for example:
    $ edit grep string
    $ edit spell
    $ edit vim -c 'set filetype=mail'
    $ edit mhn
Apparently, the mu-mh implementation of "whatnow edit" only allows to
add options to the default editor, but not to call another program.

4) Is there a way to configure 'show' so that it uses 'mhl' to display
non-mime messages, and 'mhn' to display mime messages? Or is it
possible to tell 'mhn' to call 'mhl' when the message is not a mime
one instead of simply paging it?

5) In NMH, 'send' accepts the option '-mts smtp://example.com'. I
believe that could make sense to have that option in mu-mh, since that
would allow one to have all its configuration in the single mh_profile
file, instead of relying on mtstailor too.

Kind regards,

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