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Re: [Bug-gnubg] Proposed patches to the gnubg sources

From: Jon Kinsey
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnubg] Proposed patches to the gnubg sources
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005 12:08:53 +0000
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macherius wrote:

I have been playing around with the gnubg sources using Windows and Visual
Studio 7.1. I managed to compile both the GUI and the no-gui version using
recent libs. No gcc-mingw was involved, only VC++ was used. In separate mail
I'll describe that experiment.

While working with the sources minor changes occured. I would be glad if you
found them worthy of being submitted into the CVS, and I loved the idea to
be able to compile unmodified CVS sources in my compile environment. Most of
the changes involve compiler problems and warnings.

I've had a quick look, I've not checked in any changes, hopefully
Øystein will do that.  Here's some thoughts:

* board3d/ drawboard.c font3d.cpp graph.c gtkcolour.c matrix.c misc3d.c
model.c shadow.c widget3d.c
- include windows.h before GL headers, otherwise definitions in the Open
GL headers are missing and yieding compiler errors

A better(?) fix is to add #include <windows.h> to the gl.h microsoft
include file - it should be in there and all the other gl.h files I've
come across are fine.

* gnubg.c
- added several #ifdef GUI to avoid linker errors when compiling no-gui

This is ok, but I think there may be a problem if the settings are saved
in a command line build, as the window placements will be lost.

* gtkboard.h, gtktempmap.c, gtksplash.c
- WIN32 ifdefs to silence warnings with Visual Studio 7.1 and GTK 2.6

I didn't see any gtktempmap of gtksplash changes and the gtkboard.h
change was the gl.h fix again.

* gnubgmodule.h
- Some more #ifdefs for clashes with defines in Python.h, as they happen
with Python 2.4 on a Windows system. Probably a more general solution is
needed, as any platform should have it's individual #ifdef clashes.

Not sure the existing code was correct as the _HAVE* defines don't seem
to be used.

The other bits seem fine to me.


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