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bug#16013: 24.3.50; Rows in height is interpreted as pixels.

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#16013: 24.3.50; Rows in height is interpreted as pixels.
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2014 12:46:03 +0100

> This has been inconsistent historically, i.e. Lucid/Motif/No toolkit counts 
differently than Gtk/NS.
> I think the Gtk count makes more sense.  If a user requests 50 lines he 
probably means 50 editable lines, not 47.  So I think we should not count tool bar 
or menu bar.

I agree.  Obviously, the fact that initial and subsequent frames have
different heights is a bug per se but I wanted a directive in either

> The documentation says
> "The height of the frame contents, in characters."
> I don't think menu and tool bar is content.
> This may break some lisp code that counts lines and does it differently for 
the two cases.  I don't know if there are any such code though.
> BTW what values does the frame parameter height have now that pixelwise 
resize may show partial lines?  A floating point value?

No.  It's calculated thusly

  height = (f->new_height
            ? (f->new_pixelwise
               ? (f->new_height / FRAME_LINE_HEIGHT (f))
               : f->new_height)
            : FRAME_LINES (f));
  store_in_alist (&alist, Qheight, make_number (height));

so it's rounded down.


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