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bug#16383: balance-windows fails in Emacs

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#16383: balance-windows fails in Emacs
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2014 12:44:54 +0100

> I'm not entirely sure what you mean.  The Debian package that I use
> (from naquadah.org) is, the same as the one in GNU's git
> repository.  I installed the git version into a subdirectory
> (./autogen.sh && ./configure -with-prefix=~/emacs && make bootstrap &&
> make install) and it byte-compiled all of the .el files from the
> master branch.
> naquadah's emacs stores window.el in /usr/share/emacs/24.3.50/lisp, so
> I renamed that directory and replaced it with a soft link to
> ~/emacs/lisp.  I then closed and re-opened emacs, which I believe
> evaluated everything from the lisp directory in git's master branch.
> If that's true, then the answer is yes.  If not, please let me know
> what to do.

You overestimate my ability to understand what you've done.  For
example, if you say that the versions (naquadah and Gnu's git) are the
same, then why do you maintain both?  Or did you mean that just the
numbers are the same but the packages are different?

> I received a 1920x1080 display for Christmas and I find it much easier
> to read long articles (or .pdfs) by vertically splitting a frame into
> 3 or 4 even windows.  (I then activate follow-mode for most modes and
> use some custom code to mimic the effect whem in doc-view-mode.)
> To answer your first sentence, I was saying that since balance-windows
> works* in address@hidden's version of emacs (the one in ~/emacs/bin/), I
> could use it for reading until naquadah updates their snapshot.

Hmmm...  So the naquadah update has spoiled everything?

> If I can help debug this, I will be more than happy to; I'm assuming
> the problem has more to do with a lack of knowledge on my part than
> with the code.  If you're willing to give advice on what to do next, I
> will be eager to learn.

First of all I attach a file balance-windows.el which you can either
integrate into you .emacs or (better) load from .emacs.  If the failure
persists we start working from that file.

> * assemblage-theme and w3m won't load in Git's emacs either, but they
>   are minor issues likely related to load-path which should be easy to
>   debug.

What do you mean by "won't load"?


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