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bug#16013: 24.3.50; Rows in height is interpreted as pixels.

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#16013: 24.3.50; Rows in height is interpreted as pixels.
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2014 19:10:24 +0100

> GNUStep has some bugs w.r.t. the tool bar, so the values for GNUStep is as 
good as it gets.

As for the rest the main problem is this part in x_figure_window_size:

  /* This used to be done _before_ calling x_figure_window_size, but
     since the height is reset here, this was really a no-op.  I
     assume that moving it here does what Gerd intended (although he
     no longer can remember what that was...  ++KFS, 2003-03-25.  */

  /* Add the tool-bar height to the initial frame height so that the
     user gets a text display area of the size he specified with -g or
     via .Xdefaults.  Later changes of the tool-bar height don't
     change the frame size.  This is done so that users can create
     tall Emacs frames without having to guess how tall the tool-bar
     will get.  */
  if (toolbar_p && FRAME_TOOL_BAR_HEIGHT (f))
      int margin, relief, bar_height;

      relief = (tool_bar_button_relief >= 0
                ? tool_bar_button_relief

      if (RANGED_INTEGERP (1, Vtool_bar_button_margin, INT_MAX))
        margin = XFASTINT (Vtool_bar_button_margin);
      else if (CONSP (Vtool_bar_button_margin)
               && RANGED_INTEGERP (1, XCDR (Vtool_bar_button_margin), INT_MAX))
        margin = XFASTINT (XCDR (Vtool_bar_button_margin));
        margin = 0;

      /* PXW: We should be able to not round here.  */
      bar_height = DEFAULT_TOOL_BAR_IMAGE_HEIGHT + 2 * margin + 2 * relief;
      FRAME_LINES (f) += (bar_height + FRAME_LINE_HEIGHT (f) - 1) / 

If I define it out, the sizes of the first and subsequent frames are
equal on Lucid.  IIUC x_figure_window_size is not called when changing
fonts or default heights.


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