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bug#16383: balance-windows fails in Emacs

From: Steven Edwards
Subject: bug#16383: balance-windows fails in Emacs
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2014 07:32:31 -0500

> You overestimate my ability to understand what you've done.  For
> example, if you say that the versions (naquadah and Gnu's git) are the
> same, then why do you maintain both?  Or did you mean that just the
> numbers are the same but the packages are different?

Correct: the version numbers are the saee, but the packages are
different.  The latest pubished naquadah snapshot is 20140101.

> Hmmm...  So the naquadah update has spoiled everything?

balance-windows fails in the latest naquadah update, but ...

> What do you mean by "won't load"?

...it was a load-path issue.  Whenever I typed w3m, emacs would tell
me that the symbol is undefined.  w3m is in the global site-lisp
(/usr/share/emacs-snapshot/site-lisp/w3m/) and address@hidden was using
the site-lisp in ~/emacs/.

When I add my user and global directories to the load-path, everything
works fine.

> First of all I attach a file balance-windows.el which you can either
> integrate into you .emacs or (better) load from .emacs.  If the failure
> persists we start working from that file.
> martin

Since address@hidden works, do you want me to try this before installing
the working emacs as root?



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