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Re: BBDB and twinkle

From: Frank Dordowsky
Subject: Re: BBDB and twinkle
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2021 19:52:03 +0200
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I have used your example as a template and made a function for dialing
with twinkle which seems to work. Here it is for anyone who runs into
the same problem:

(defun twinkle-dial (phone-number)
  "Call the phone number with twinkle"
   (get-buffer-create "*twinkle-dial*")
   "twinkle" "--immediate" "--hide" "--call"

So many thanks for your help.

Bernd Wachter <> writes:

> Frank Dordowsky <> writes:
>> I understand that it is possible to dial a number noted in BBDB by
>> pressing M-d. I use twinkle as a SIP phone and I have set the variable
>> bbdb-modem-dial to the string "twinkle --immediate --hide --call" which
>> works when using it in a console. However, when pressing M-d, BBDB opens
>> a web page in a browser. Do I need setting some other variables? Is
>> there a description or example on how to use BBDB with a softphone?
> Set bbdb-dial-function. I have a configuration which dials through
> asterisk from my desktop, or through the Android API when running on my
> phone:
> (if running-in-termux
>     (setq bbdb-dial-function 'aard-dial-termux-telephony)
>   (setq bbdb-dial-function 'aard-dial-ami))
> (defun aard-dial-termux-telephony (phone-number)
>   "Dial a phone number through termux-telephony-call script"
>   (start-process
>    "termux-telephony-call"
>    (get-buffer-create "*termux-dial*")
>    "termux-telephony-call"
>    phone-number))
> (defun aard-dial-ami (phone-number)
>   "Dial a phone number through AMI script"
>   (let ((records (bbdb-search (bbdb-records) nil nil nil nil phone-number)))
>     (start-process
>      "ami-dial"
>      (get-buffer-create "*ami-dial*")
>      "ami-dial"
>      (concat "--number=" phone-number)
>      (if records
>          (concat "--message=To: " (bbdb-record-name (car records)))
>        ("--message=Name not found"))
>      )))
> Bernd

Frank Dordowsky
Säntisstr. 37
81825 München

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