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Re: BBDB and twinkle

From: Bob Newell
Subject: Re: BBDB and twinkle
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2021 16:18:10 -1000
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I do something like this which uses Google Voice. It's pretty
easy on Termux with Android. It's a bit more complex with
Linux on a laptop or desktop but it does work quite nicely,
although it's fragile and subject to Google's change without
notice to their UI.

Some surprising things can be done with BBDB 3.

>> Set bbdb-dial-function. I have a configuration which dials through
>> asterisk from my desktop, or through the Android API when running on my
>> phone:
>> (if running-in-termux
>>     (setq bbdb-dial-function 'aard-dial-termux-telephony)
>>   (setq bbdb-dial-function 'aard-dial-ami))
>> (defun aard-dial-termux-telephony (phone-number)
>>   "Dial a phone number through termux-telephony-call script"
>>   (start-process
>>    "termux-telephony-call"
>>    (get-buffer-create "*termux-dial*")
>>    "termux-telephony-call"
>>    phone-number))
>> (defun aard-dial-ami (phone-number)
>>   "Dial a phone number through AMI script"
>>   (let ((records (bbdb-search (bbdb-records) nil nil nil nil phone-number)))
>>     (start-process
>>      "ami-dial"
>>      (get-buffer-create "*ami-dial*")
>>      "ami-dial"
>>      (concat "--number=" phone-number)
>>      (if records
>>          (concat "--message=To: " (bbdb-record-name (car records)))
>>        ("--message=Name not found"))
>>      )))
>> Bernd
Bob Newell
Honolulu, Hawai`i

- Via GNU/Linux/Emacs/Gnus/BBDB

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