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Re: BBDB and twinkle

From: Roland Winkler
Subject: Re: BBDB and twinkle
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2021 20:41:22 -0500

On Sun, Oct 24 2021, Frank Dordowsky wrote:
> I understand that it is possible to dial a number noted in BBDB by
> pressing M-d. I use twinkle as a SIP phone and I have set the variable
> bbdb-modem-dial to the string "twinkle --immediate --hide --call" which
> works when using it in a console. However, when pressing M-d, BBDB opens
> a web page in a browser. Do I need setting some other variables? Is
> there a description or example on how to use BBDB with a softphone?

Which version of BBDB are you using?  There was a variable
bbdb-modem-dial in BBDB 2, but not anymore in BBDB 3.  In BBDB 3, by
default (see the user variable bbdb-dial-function bound to
bbdb--dial-default), BBDB will pass the string "tel:<phone number>" to
browse-url.  The latter function is the emacs standard interface for all
kinds of url.  You can set up the user variable browse-url-browser-function
to handle a url "tel:<phone number>" by passing it to something like
twinkle (which I do not know at all).  This is essentially outside BBDB,
but the browse-url interface can be used by other emacs packages, too.


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