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[Axiom-developer] Re: the repository story (was: build-improvements on c

From: Gabriel Dos Reis
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: the repository story (was: build-improvements on cygwin)
Date: 29 Nov 2006 04:45:37 +0100

"Page, Bill" <address@hidden> writes:


| >From my point of view the move to Google Code is motivated because
| of extreme problems I continue to have trying to use SVN at
| SourceForge. I am still optimistic that things might be easier
| at Google Code. Tim had a similar experience. Are we the only
| exceptions or do other people have similar problems?

A student reported today at 12:30pm -05 that checkout of SVN/SF failed
for him and he believed that it was because SF's server crashed.  I
did not have time to test because I had to rush to class.

| How can we agree on a single host and a single repository system?
| > ... 
| > I tried to check where disk space go.  After looking at rsynced copy
| > of SF repository I see that most space is taken due to following
| > revisions:
| > 
| > 201   80 Mb  failed arcs clone ???
| > 208   80 Mb  current 'silver'
| > 252
| > 219
| > 143
| > 115
| > 102
| > 31    each 20Mb -- snapshots of gcl-2.6.8
| > 
| 200-201 and 205-212 where both failed attempts. (I kept getting the
| name wrong in the Tailor configuration file.) I finally got it right
| in 213-218. Perhaps there are in fact 3 copies of the arch clone?
| Or did I somehow manage to rename one and re-use it?
| How can I clean-up such mistakes without leaving this mess in the
| repository?
| Do you know the best way of merging 'silver' into 'trunk'? I think
| you once compared these versions and said there was really very
| little difference. Right?

diff compares files, not history or ancestry. 
merge likes to have ancestry, so if you're doing star-merge and the
branches don't have common ancestry, typically SVK/SVK will first
delete then add (which you may think is silly but without ancestry,
that is a reasonable thing to do).  That has the effect of
"duplicating" files.

| Are we prepared to cut the automatic connection with Tim's original
| axiom--silver--1? I believe Tim stated that he was no longer prepared
| to maintain this branch anyway. So I assume "yes".
| By 252 to 31 do you mean there are 6 copies of the gcl-2.6.8pre
| tarball? I.e. 6 x 20 Mb = 120 Mb.

Do we do that before or after my changes I'm testing?  My changes
means we now have gcl/ and noweb/ toplevel subdirectories, and the
corresponding tarballs are gone; lsp/ is renamed to src/lisp.

-- Gaby

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