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Re: [Axiom-developer] build-improvements on cygwin

From: Waldek Hebisch
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] build-improvements on cygwin
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 03:11:55 +0100 (CET)

Bill Page wrote:
> To understand my motivation it is important to note that the svn
> mirror of the silver repository contains the history of the
> development in arch. While the existing trunk contains only the
> snapshot history from cvs.

AFAICS the current 'silver' was created as a big hunk in revision
208.  Revisions 209 and 210 added a few changes (there are a few
other patches, but they reflect changes after cloning form arch)
-- I would not call this "history".  Certainly 'trunk' contains
more information.
> In mean time, we also implemented an automatic mirror process
> that is supposed to keep the Axiom Google Code repository in
> sync with the SourceForge repository. I guess in retrospect
> creating 'silver' at SourceForge after implemented the automatic
> mirror was a bad idea given that we are so severely limited in
> disk quota at Google.
> What I would really like to be able to do is "re-base" all of
> the existing branches on svn on this new 'silver' so that they
> are deltas of it instead of trunk. Then commits to the arch
> silver master would still be properly reflected at SourceForge
> and Google. But maybe this is a vane hope. And maybe the long
> term continued use of arch is in doubt anyway.
> To move forward, I think what we probably need to do is to replace
> the trunk at SourceForge with the current contents of 'silver' at
> SourceForge. I.e. compute the minimum delta from trunk to silver
> and then apply it to trunk. And then scrap all of the history
> related to 'silver' even though 'silver' actually has the more
> complete history. I think we *might* be able to do this via
> svnadmin at SourceForge... but I really need the help of someone
> more knowledgeable than me in order to avoid yet another disk
> space catastrophe.

I tried to check where disk space go.  After looking at rsynced copy
of SF repository I see that most space is taken due to following

201   80 Mb  failed arcs clone ???
208   80 Mb  current 'silver'
31    each 20Mb -- snapshots of gcl-2.6.8

                              Waldek Hebisch

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