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Re: AUCTex in WSL cannot find TeX Live in Win

From: petepetite75
Subject: Re: AUCTex in WSL cannot find TeX Live in Win
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2022 05:27:27 +0200

Greetings Sivaram,
Thank you for trying to help!
M-x getenv RET PATH in wsl-emacs lists the mounted windows-path of Tex Live as /mnt/c/texlive/2022/bin/win32/
To make sure, I also included: /mnt/c/texlive/2022/bin/win32/pdflatex.exe
Best regards,

Am 23-Aug-2022 19:26:54 +0200 schrieb
On Mon, Aug 22 2022, nil wrote:

> Hi,

[snipped 68 lines]

> Nobody knows? In the auctex-command settings I've tried by changing command 'pdflatex' to 'pdflatex.exe', but auctex still can not find TexLive.
> Maybe I have to give and/ or mount the full Windows TexLive somehow, somewhere?

What does M-x getenv RET PATH show within wsl-emacs? Does it have all the windows
paths you want?


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