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[AUCTeX] Re: Re: What is the correct way to activate auctex and tex-mik?

From: Ulrike Fischer
Subject: [AUCTeX] Re: Re: What is the correct way to activate auctex and tex-mik?
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 15:35:13 +0000 (UTC)
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David Kastrup <address@hidden>  schrieb:

> Ulrike Fischer <address@hidden> writes:
>> Could you give me an advice what key I could use instead of C-c as a
>> prefix? With C-c I can't insert e.g. font commands around a
>> selection because in the cua-mode C-c copies.
> ;; If you really need to perform a command which starts with one of
> ;; the prefix keys even when the region is active, you have three
> options: ;; - press the prefix key twice very quickly (within 0.2
> seconds), ;; - press the prefix key and the following key within 0.2
> seconds, or ;; - use the SHIFT key with the prefix key, i.e. C-X or
> C-C ;;
> ;; This behaviour can be customized via the
> ;; cua-prefix-override-inhibit-delay variable.

The first two options did work (after I set the delay to a larger value). 
The third don't work properly: 

I can use C-X (e.g. C-X 2 to divide the windows), but in a tex-file C-C C-f 
always gives the warning C-S-c C-f undefined. 

In active regions cua seems to set C-C to "mode-specific-prefix-key". I did 
look up the keybindings in scratch and in a tex-file: in the first case C-c 
is bound to "mode-specific-prefix-key" but in the second case C-c is bound 
to "Prefix Command". So I guess the translation of C-C to "auxtex-prefix C-
c" don't get throught. 

In text-mode, C-c is also set to mode-specific-prefix-key, and there I 
could define a key C-c C-k and use it together with cua-mode. 

Could I somehow change the bindings in auctex so that it work there too?

Ulrike Fischer
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